Head_shot_8_photoshop...sherrySherry Eckert

Sherry Eckert brings 13 years of teaching yoga with over 8000 hours of practical teaching experience, 20 years of personal practice as well as her experiences as a former ballerina and competitive athlete. In Sherry’s class you will build heat from the inside out, open the hips and pelvis gradually, building strength, stamina and balance safely and progressively. Her approach to yoga is a strong base of anatomy, breath and movement and stepping beyond the habitual patterns that we tend to move within. She teaches a varied style that includes influences from Iyengar, and Core Strength Vinyasa. Sherry works with groups as well as private sessions and her experience includes work with yoga to help rehab injuries, build balance and recovery from joint replacement. Her passion is bringing yoga that speaks to a wide variety of people and helping them to stay flexible, breathing fully, and balancing both sides of the body.


Drew picDrew Kunz

To me, the heart of yoga is relationship; the relationship between the body and breath, between thoughts and emotion, and all the rhythms that form our lives. Yoga invites us to explore these connections. It gives us an opportunity to practice presence and celebrate life. We unfold. We dance. We inspire. We play. I took my first yoga class in the early 90s with Linda Ryan; her warehouse studio in the 3rd Ward of Milwaukee became a second home to me. Her classes, always a blend of movement and stillness, empowered me to live life with more fluidity and grace. Years later, and after a move to the Pacific Northwest, I found myself at the Samarya Center in Seattle. Again I felt at home with the community that was built around the teachers and everyone that came there to practice. It’s there that I eventually received my 200 hour certification. I’ve studied (and continue to study) different styles—Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, Yin—and love to weave multiple traditions together. I invite people to come and explore, breathe and play, and to experience a connection to yoga that best serves their body and spirit.



Daniel photoDanielle Delong

I grew up in the world of dance. As a ballet dancer, and an avid horseback rider, I understand the need for the body to move, and the need for the body to recover. I discovered yoga in my late teens and practiced for a few years here and there, although it was just a physical practice. In my mid-twenties I began a strict daily practice after going through multiple, incredibly emotional life experiences that left me feeling lost. Not really knowing where to turn, I delved into my practice, into myself. It is therapy for me. It is my moving meditation to help clear the mental clutter. My mat is my place of peace, my sanctuary.
I strive to bring my students mental and physical health, to help them learn to accept themselves, and be more present in the moment, on and off the mat. I connect the physical practice with pranayama (breath) and the bhandas (energy) to assist in cultivating concentration, and focus. This is the key to a clear mind. Because of my background as a dancer I also love to bring attention to the FEET! Healthy feet are our base, they deserve some attention. I ask my students to come to class with and open mind, and the intention to explore, rather than achieve.
I practice Ashtanga and Kundalini, I love hiking and backcountry camping. I was born and raised here on the peninsula, and currently live here with my husband, our son, and our two rescue dogs.


Lang photoLang Charters

I view and experience yoga as a gift. A beautiful and challenging gift that brings us greater health, wholeness, and connection, which combine to open us up to give and receive greater love. Yoga helps us connect and grow stronger both internally and externally.  I say this because while I initially took to it as purely a physical practice, in the midst of a traumatic and isolating period of my life I discovered it as so much more.  I’ve found practicing yoga (re)connects our own mind, body, and spirit, as well as with those of other people.  It brings unity and harmony within us and with others.

My heart and passion is to journey with others toward greater health, wholeness, connection, and love, and that’s why I teach yoga.  I wholeheartedly agree with MC YOGI in concluding: Yoga helps us be strong in our cores and soft in our hearts.  As such, I teach yoga as both a work out and a work in, focusing on breath, core, and mindful awareness, while creating a positive and encouraging environment.  I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Meghan Currie. I practice yoga as a moving meditation and love people, arm-balances, and Vinyasa.

SarahSarah Sullivan
Sarah first found yoga at her local gym in high school, and dabbled in it for years before becoming serious about it while attending graduate school in Minneapolis. She found the heat to be an excellent way to escape the harsh Minnesota winters, and went through power vinyasa teacher training there in 2010. For the past 5 years Sarah has been teaching for CorePower yoga in Minneapolis and most recently in Seattle. Sarah loves the strength and mobility of the asana practice, and hopes to bring her students an class that will challenge their physical and mental stamina, thus allowing for a longer lasting feeling of well-being. When she’s not on her mat, Sarah works full-time as a physical therapist. She also enjoys cooking, running, and exploring the beauty of her new home in Kitsap County.
Andrea Goldman-1Ruby Goldman
Yoga Dance is hatha yoga: pranayama, asana, meditation combined with movement and exploration within the poses and yoga therapy.  I am a licensed massage therapist bringing 15 years of body work experience.  My love of dance, movement and the chakra system infuse my teaching with creativity and introspection.
Bevin pic
Bevin Duncan
Bevin is a North Kitsap native certified for 200 hrs through Wild Grace Arts in Olympia, WA. That training includes traditional Hatha and Vinyasa styles, as well as specialty yoga including prenatal and cancer care yoga. Spinal health is a big focus in my practice, mindfulness of self also. I always make sure to leave time for an extra long Savanasa.  “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes a day, unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour” -zen saying

Debbee picDebbee Straub 

Debbee has been teaching yoga part-time for 12-years, she started with some Iyengar training and eventually earned her 200-hour training in Radiant Health Yoga (a theuraputic based yoga) and is currently working on her 300-hour training in Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV – an anatomy and core based yoga). She also practices and teaches mindfulness and is currently furthering her training as an educator teaching mindfulness to K-12 students. She sees yoga with the use of mindfulness and compassion as a step inward into a holistic being with an empathetic understanding of humanity. She whole-heartedly believes life is an adventure inside and out. 

Sandy CitesSandy pic

I started practicing yoga in the 70’s, college/flower child erea and then was sidetracted with life.  About 15 years ago yoga grabbed me again.  With no serious thoughts of teaching, my yoga “posse” friends and I took the 200 hour course to deepen our practice – then it just took off.  My focus is the deep belly “engine”, the toes and fingers and most of all the “exhales”.  I agree with so many others that yoga is a dance and whatever one comes to it for…It creeps inside…All one has to do is “Show up on the mat”.

Yvonne FifoYvonne pic

Having played competitive sports her entire life, Yvonne  initially came to yoga nearly 20 years ago seeking the physical benefits of the practice.  When she discovered breath, Yvonne discovered the practice of yoga.  Since then she has come to find that yoga is the key to living a life that is balanced, robust and free.  Her practice continues today as both a yoga student and teacher.  While appreciative of a quiet, traditionally driven practice, her classes are high energy, power vinyasa accompanied by a playlist that drives the breath, creates a dance, and pushes the practice to the edge while always respecting the balance between steadiness and ease.  Yvonne is a 200 hour RYT having completed yoga teacher training at CorePower Yoga in Minneapolis in 2014 and continues to study yoga through a variety of teachers, workshops and trainings.  

Jenifer (Jen) Shelton


Jen Shelton began practicing yoga 25 years ago while studying dance at Cornish College of the Arts.  She admits that it was the idea of keeping her body healthy that drew her to yoga, but she soon found out that it held so much more.  Yoga became a safe and sacred place for her to fall and rest.  A place of no judgement.  There she learned to find her breathand colm her mind.  All she had to do was show up and be present.  She knew there adnd then that she wanted to become an instructor.  Little did she know her dream would take 25 years to fulfill.  Jen recieved her 200 Hour RYT and taught in Seattle before moving to Kitsap.  She’s excited to be a part of the team and to be encouraging and helping to guide the community through practice.

sean picSean Pickard

I discovered yoga as kind of a last resort for my chronic lower back problems. I began by following along with the television and was amazed at how quickly my body started to change.  Shortly after that I noticed that not only was my body becoming healthier, but my attitude and confidence was improving too.  My wife bought me a membership at a yoga studio for my fortieth birth day.  I tried my first instructed class and have been absolutely hooked ever since.  Today my back is healthy and strong and I am happy and content with my life despite all the stresses and strains that all of our lives present us with.
We moved to Kingston in July of 2014 and I found myself in a town without a place to practice yoga.  With that ambition in mind…I completed my 200 hour teacher training class in February of 2015, and I am very excited to have the opportunity to create a wonderful, peaceful and tranquil place for us all to work towards our own well being.